Delves Powers

Type: Damage
Effects: Damage dealt by this creature is concerned acid damage. Attacks from acid have a chance of destroying non-magical equipment. Once a character is hit with an attack make a chance roll, if 3 goals are rolled a piece of equipment has been effected by the acid (GM Decide). When partnered with smother each  round in the smother reduce the goals need by 1. Only one piece of equipment can be affected at a time. +1Rl if combo'd with Smother
Cost:3 points

Breath Weapon - Inferno Sphere
Type: Attack
Prerequisite: Breath Weapon
Some dragons and their kin are able to prefect their ability from breathing fire and other elements to hurling them at their enemies like a fireball. The damage is reflective of the cone size chosen for the breath weapon. Just like their breath weapon, once this power or a cone breath weapon is used in an encounter, the GM must roll 3+ goals on a chance roll to obtain the power to release the ability again. +1 RL.

Combat Frenzy
Prerequisite: Extra Attack
Once per turn if this creature is able to hit with both its initial attacks it can make another attack against a legal target within its melee reach. +1RL
15 points  

Disease (minor)
Type: Attack
Effects: If hit by the attack (Specified on monster) characters are infected with a disease. Characters must then make a toughness vs monster class trait or suffer from the infliction. If affected characters receive a -1D to all stats and move effect wears off at the end of the encounter
Cost:5 pts

Type: Attack
Once per turn the creature can use a free action to attempt a rend against grabbed foes. The creature rolls its prime trait against the targets class or prime trait. If successful the creature lacerates its target, making a strength vs. 1/2 the targets toughness (armor included) rounded up. If the creature wins the opposed roll its margin of victory equals the number of hit point damage inflicted on the target. +1RL
Cost: 10 points

Lethargic Reflexes
Type: Other
Effects: Either due to their physical bodies or their state of mind, creatures with this ability have a slower then normal reaction time in combat. Because of this they suffer a minus five to their initiative rolls
Cost: -4 points

Type: Attack
If a character is hit with a creature with the poison ability they have to make a toughness (without armor) versus the poison level TN. If they fail they are consider poisoned. At the beginning of their next activation they will have to make the check again. If they pass the poison wears off, if they fail they will loose one hit point . The checks are continued each activation until the character is reduced to 0 hit points of the check is passed.
Poison 1 - TN2: Cost 5 points
Poison 2 - TN3: Cost 8 points
Poison 3 - TN4: Cost 12 points


Effects: Some creatures have the inapt ability to use vibrations in the ground to locate targets. The targets must be making physical actions and within the creatures tremor-sense range. Not affected by Stygian darkness or vision impairing effects.
Cost: 5 points

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